Ashland Redevelopment Authority

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The Road to Ashland's Future

Ashland continues a multi-year process to develop a shared community vision for Route 126/Pond Street and complete a Design submission to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  The design submission will help Ashland leverage $7.5 to $10 Million of state funding to revitalize the corridor.

Please read this recent update written by Cynthia Whittey in the Ashland News

On March 25, 2014, over 100 residents and business owners voiced their opinions at the Community Forum.  They gave their input on the current challenges along Pond Street and the improvements they would like to see along the corridor.  The Cecil Group, the project's Planning and Design firm synthesized the multitude of great ideas and formulated a preliminary design to present to residents on the June 3, 2014 Community Forum that was held at the Ashland High School.  Below are the first Forum's results:


The following Pond Street Vision reflects the input from the community workshop.  The vision for Pond Street includes creating an elevated commercial corridor for all the people of Ashland including pedestrians and bicyclists.  It focuses on enhancing the character and improving business vitality by creating:

 - An appealing town gateway

 - A continuous sidewalk and multi-use path for the entire length of the corridor

 - Improved business access and turn lanes

 - Access and amenity to reinforce the Bay Circuit Trail

As part of this vision, a revitalized Pond Street should reinforce Ashland as a great place to live, work, shop and visit.

Currently, the Pond Street project is on the Commonwealth's schedule for 2020.

Below is a picture of the enthusiastic audience at the December 11, 2014 presentation.