Ashland Redevelopment Authority

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Welcome to the Ashland Redevelopment Authority (ARA) website!


The ARA exists to create opportunities to attract and sustain economic development that will revitalize Ashland's economy and cultural growth.  The goal is to realize a community that is more attractive and self-sufficient.


The ARA is a volunteer board charged with helping to facilitate economic development opportunities for Ashland.  Board members are elected at the Spring Town Meeting for five year terms.  As an independent board, the ARA is in a unique position to bring the public and private sectors together.  The ARA also has broad powers that enable it to encourage new development and promote sound growth.  The board is not bound by daily processes of a local town department but works on special projects that can be run by the town or a business.  The ARA can participate in development, issue bonds, borrow money and receive grants and gifts.


Our meetings for calendar year 2015 are generally held the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month downstairs in the Ashland Town Hall .  The ARA meetings are open to the public and any interested party is welcome to attend.  Agendas and room locations are posted on the Ashland Public Meetings section of the Town's 6:30 pm.

Planned meeting dates are:  (weather and other scheduling conflicts may change these dates.

January 13th & 29th                                        July 14th & 28th

February 12th & 24th                                      August 11th & 25th

March 10th & 24th                                          September 8th & 22d

April 14th & 28th                                            October 13th & 27th

May 12th & 26th                                             November 10th & 24th

June 9th & 23d                                                December 16th only