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  • Seeking volunteers to evaluate a Music and Arts festival

    The Ashland Redevelopment Authority had a public forum on September 23rd to update the community on its activities.  During that forum, a substantial amount of the audience wanted to see more events in town.   They felt that the current events that we have are too far apart.  Having heard this, the ARA will be testing the viability of a music festival with possible addition of an arts festival.


    The ARA is seeking volunteers in the community that are interested in volunteering to be part of a 5-7 person group to:

    1)  Test the customer demand in town for this event
    2)  Develop a short plan on how it could be executed
    3) Develop and present a budget, schedule, and critical task list.Read the rest

  • Making a better Downtown

    Ashland is moving towards making a better and improved downtown. The successful Farmer’s
    Market has led to heightened interest in ways to improve the downtown using traditional and
    untraditional means.

    We have an initiative to do a number of improvements for the downtown in the immediate 2013-2014 time frame and longer term future. The ARA invites all Ashland
    residents and interested parties to a Public Forum on Monday, September 23, 2013 at the Ashland High School Library from 6:30-8:00 PM.Read the rest

  • Big ideas for better downtowns

    Ashland revs up for rediscovery. Framingham aims for a renaissance. Holliston strolls. Marlborough seeks more culture.

    Throughout the region, communities look for traditional and untraditional ways to keep shoppers and diners close to home.

    The focus of Rediscover Ashland extends beyond downtown to include home-based businesses, those along routes 126 and 135, community organizations, the Warren Center and nonprofits.

    “They all make Ashland better,’’ said Nadine Heaps, Rediscover’s chairwoman.
    Read more: Spitz: Big ideas for better downtowns – Ashland, MA – Ashland TAB 
    Read the rest

  • Our first “Half Marathon” October 28, 2012

    The Ashland Redevelopment Authority, is working towards developing a Marathon Hall of Fame. We are holding our first “Half Marathon” October 28, 2012 starting at “Marathon Park” on Pleasant Street in Ashland.



    On April 19, 1897 at 12:19 p.m., 15 men took off from the starting line in front of Metcalf’s Mill on Pleasant Street in Ashland, MA. The starting official had no gun but purely shouted “Go” to start the first BAA Marathon from Ashland to Boston. … Read the rest

Latest  News  

Pond Street Update

Vote YES on November 19th for Pond Street Urban Design

New Letter from the Chairman

ARA seeking volunteers to evaluate a Music and Arts festival

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